Bradford v Arsenal in retrospect

It is embarrassing being an Arsenal supporter at the moment. The painful emotion I felt when RVP put that injury time winning freekick in against Man City was gut wrenching. Like the lost love of a memorable girlfriend seen out kissing with her new guy. Would RVP had stayed if offered big money? I feel he also needed comfort there were big signings coming and wasn’t convinced – now he is the Prems most reliable striker and top scorer (Michu aside). He knew the passion to be great – wasn’t there. We all sense Arsenal lack that strategic passion – passion borne out of driven ambition – sense of pride and will to win. That passion seems missing from both the team and management. What happens in training ? Why do we apparently play many players out of position? What does Arsene see in players that supporters don’t? If he gets results Arsene can do what he wants – but if he doesn’t – and 7 and a half years is 7 years to long in my book-  you have to question decisions and policy. The worst decision this season for me was to play the senior squad in the Bradford game.. signaling intent but pressurizing a team that don’t react well to pressure – A lack of, quality (evident as they were unable to break down a resolute Bradford defence) or bottle to score their penalties.

Arsene to step down ? He deserves praise for the past but also deserves the current level of criticism. Arsenal fans need a replacement and policy that resolves all the issues – or Arsene may as well stay.


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