Homeland Season 2


Was I the only sad soul who thought the last season of Homeland was degenerating into a bad version of LOST 5?

If the writers rescue this brand now for series 3, I will be amazed at their  wizardry. I was getting suspicious of where the series was going when Brodie “came out” as a terrorist  – but earlier in Episode 3 “State Of Independence” I was sitting in my lounge incredulous that any scheming terrorist would send a perfect presidential “mole” like Brodie – to pick up a terrorist bomb maker and risk his cover to only, accidentally, kill him in a wood.

The blooming love affair with Carrie the CIA agent was becoming more laughable by the Episode – a more romantic cabin I haven’t seen since the Waltons. Don’t get me wrong Claire Danes is beautiful (IMO) and congrats on the baby by the way.


There was a little drama when Brodie was uncovered as a terrorist – but at the interrogation and when the hand stab happened I actually blurted out “bollox!”.

I’m not going to fully describe the horror of the season finale – but suffice to say Armageddon – and more false twists than a 50’s Rock and Roll dancer. The miracle that was Carrie’s return to the body count room – and the look on Saul’s face could only be scripted by a Coronation Street writer.

I will watch the 3rd Series – if only because I need to know how they are going to rescue the credibility of this Obama endorsed TV show.



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