Homeland Season 3

I’ve got to say – Damian Lewis‘ comments in the new series of Top Gear (Series 19 Ep 1) aired 27th Jan showed some insight into the script strategy of the Homeland writers.Image

He says after Clarkson asks how it ends – “I don’t know how it ends because THEY don’t know how it ends”and “The headache of me being alive – they’ve got to work out what to do with me”.

I do hope I’m not right in my earlier blog on Season 2…I prayed it wouldn’t be like the 4th/5th seasons of “LOST” and get more and more ridiculous – but I fear Homeland will err this way.

I still hold out hope that there will be some redeeming storyline but…..

Its not just me that finds it increasingly easy to poke fun at what was a brilliant first season  – see the SNL clip http://www.myvideo.de/watch/8842944/SNL_Homeland_Skit. I was pointed there today and found Anne Hathaway‘s “rendition” of Carrie very well-played. Excellent stuff.

Apologies Mr Obama – you may find your support of this drama is more difficult to sustain than the position on Medicare in your second term.



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