Breaking up with Breaking Bad

Boo hoo just watched episode 14 …. It’s all about to end. Vince Gilligan will be lost for words-or go back to his Island.  Bryan Cranston will do about ten shit films and star in a small theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing. We might be lucky and Anna Gunn might go to San Diego to make Milf pornos. Whatever the future, one thing is certain, the end will be gut wrenching. I watched enthralled as the reel played out, one remarkable happening after the other. Didn’t see that coming…didn’t think they’d do that to him… Can’t believe she’s fallen for that. .. Never realised he was that thoughtful… How did they make Jessie’s make up look so real? Heart strings pulled, Hank yanked, and cute baby to end it all…what a pre penultimate gem. ( and no Spoilers!!)



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