The Pain of RVP

This is looking like a theme in my crisp, new blog…..

I mentally do not see RVP as a Manchester Utd player.

I need closure…but everytime I nearly get it – he does what he does (score the best and most important goals)


Now he cements West Ham’s Cup hopes in a concrete boot – to be dragged from East London and to be buried at Old Trafford. Can’t see United losing in Manchester – but if RVP has his way – he’ll punish and mutilate as well.

I know Arsenal wouldn’t and ?couldn’t? pay him what he wanted and probably deserved –

I know Arsenal would not give him the best chance of winning “stuff”

I know in Arsenal he wouldn’t be “surrounded by champions” or they would spend enough to bring in the guys they need to win trophies –

BUT I still don’t like it.

I have to believe that some day the pain will end – but at the moment – the pain continues.



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